Becoming a Freemason

The Freemasons of Carpentaria extend a warm welcome to all adult men of Far North Queensland no matter their age, cultural background or faith. We are poised to cultivate the next generation of Freemasons who will take these centuries-old traditions and values into the future. 

Who can join?

Since time immemorial, “Ask one to be one,” has been the way Freemasonry has acquired new members.  Anyone interested in joining is encouraged to make enquiries.  

To join you must be 18 years of age or older and believe in a Supreme Being.

Once that initial enquiry has been lodged by you, the District Grand Lodge of Carpentaria will be in contact for more information to make an assessment as to whether you are the right fit for the organisation in terms of being an honest, law-abiding citizen of good character.  

Please be aware that your decision to join should be made of your own free will and not through the coercion or force of anyone else. It is however ok for a Freemason to nominate you. If you don’t know any Freemasons you can start a conversation today by filling out our online form

How to become a Freemason

What is expected of every Freemason?


All Freemasons should look to attend Lodge meetings as often as possible. These are usually held on a monthly basis, in the evenings for a few hours at a time. You may also wish to part take in charitable or volunteer work organised by the Lodge. 

Code of conduct

Abiding by a code of integrity, dignity and responsible behaviour. 

Annual fees

You are required to pay a joining fee and annual fees to cover costs. These fees are very reasonable. 


We require you to keep all rituals and Lodge matters confidential. Please know that there is nothing unethical or inappropriate about our ceremonies. In fact, that would be against our moral code.